2015 AGM Minutes


(X denotes presence)

    Area Representatives      
Arlene Collins X Lisa Young –West Rep X    
Ken Waye X Martin Byrne- Northern X    
Mark Mercer X Kim Crane X    
Jeff Green X Brian Sansome      




Meeting was called to order by Arlene – Quorum established



Roll call was conducted, see attendance above.



Approval of agenda  made by Arlene Collins seconded by Marty.



Approval of last month minutes made by Arlene, seconded by Lisa.


5. Presidents Report

We are the official TKD of NL for Taekwondo Canada.  Currently in the process of being in the PSO.  We will find out in Nov.  Currently looks like we will be the only one.

Discussed provincial team.

Arlene is stepping down as president.

6.  Financial report


i.     Page 2 of the report shows around $24 K in the bank.

ii.     Page 4 regarding the expenses, the main thing to highlight is insurance profession fees.  This was for the spat with TC and audit.

iii.     The money from the old association – We got TC and old association in court and asked for the books.  The Provincial government has a copy of the books.  Whoever gets PSO gets access to the books.  Note: TC is currently in the Red.


7.        Resolutions

·        Voting member dojang policy.  – setting a standard for people applying to join.  This is inline with TC requirements as well.  Lisa asked all in favour to adopt the policy by vote.  Approved by a show of hands.

·        Note: All the towns have money to help fund travel etc, for the local clubs.

·        The board has to get the letters that Labrador sent to their town for funding and share it around.


8. Election of Board of Directors

– Nomination of board of Directors. The only one running was Ken.

– Because Nominations came in late, we are calling an SGM.  Therefore for this meeting we are only electing president.  Arlene asked for a show of hands and Ken was elected by a show of hands.

– Jens Hosel made the motion for a SGM (special general meeting) and requested the bylaws be reviewed within 3 month.  3 months to amend bylaws, send out, get back amendments, and call the SGM.  Master Russell seconded this to happen before Feb 13, 2015.


9. New Business

– TC is working on the affiliation model, trying to become more inclusive instead of exclusive.  TC hasn’t charged us to be part of their association yet.


– Canada open in Toronto Feb 13-15

-Canadian Nationals June 22 Calgary.


-Right now sport NL is putting out a NCCP course for free all over NL.  (in all different locations)   We are getting TC to come down and do a coaching course.

Note: to call and check and see if NCCP is in your area call sport NL.  Billy Taggart is the contact at 1-709-576-4979 or btaggart@sportnl.ca

Note2: Reggie Lawrence is here to pick out athletes at the tournament who want to and who he thinks are ready to go to the provincial team.

9.        CLOSING

Arlene motioned for closure of the meeting.  Seconded by Lisa Young

Meeting adjourned 9:00 p.m.