NLATU is Now Taekwondo Canada Affiliated

AffiliationHello Everyone,

Welcome back to a new exciting year of learning and activities and fun, the Newfoundland and Labrador Taekwondo Union Inc. has made a great stride forward this summer we are Taekwondo Canada’s Membership Organization for Newfoundland and Labrador.

Membership brings opportunity

I invite all of our members to visit the Taekwondo Canada website and see the National path forward for Taekwondo in Canada. Our affiliation will bring our province and the NLATU on to the National stage in both athlete development and competition opportunities. It is time to truly let our Athletes shine and show what this great province can achieve.


NLATU Committment

The NLATU is committed to the members and our associate schools by working hard to grow this wonderful sport and focusing on coaching and referee programs that will prepare our athletes who are interested in competition level taekwondo and as well for people such as myself, who are past their olympic hopeful years but still enjoy the activity, friendship and participation. Taekwondo is growing here in our province and we need to develop a solid platform for all Taekwondoists to reach their full potential. We can all play a part in this either being the dedicated parent who promotes their child’s physical activities or holding a kick shield for a new individual to the sport. We are the Provincial face of Taekwondo to the rest of Canada so it is time to smile and get down to business. Congratulations to everyone involved in making our association a true success.

Arlene Collins
NLATU –President