Samjae Taekwondo puts off the First Ever Hanmadang in Newfoundland

Hanmadang2016Saturday February 20th saw the first ever Hanmadang put off in Newfoundland by the Samjae Taekwondo School in Paradise-CBS. A Hanmadang is, simply put, a Taekwondo Festival. The Korean Martial Art, known for its kicking and status as an Olympic Sport has a long tradition that dates back several thousand years. “There’s so much to Taekwondo beyond the fighting,” says Instructor Ian Crocker. “Students work towards mastering themselves through training in the art. The techniques, patterns and discipline are the key to this, and that’s what this kind of venue is about. There might be other competitors in your division, but this type of venue is about you, the student, and demonstrating your mastery and skill in the given event; not the fighter across from you, like in a sparring match.” The venue featured events in Individual, Pair and Team Poomsae (patterns), Highest Kick and Longest Distance Kick skill challenges, and 2 Board Breaking events; Power and Three Station Technical. It also showcased a Creative Poomsae demonstration, the first of its kind in Newfoundland.

Videos from the event can now be seen on Youtube HERE!